The Hungarian government is set to spend over 51 billion Euro, but forgets to consult with stakeholders

Mintegy 19 ezer milliárd forintról – ez Magyarország 2019. évi GDP-jének 40 százaléka – dől most el, hogy milyen célok és prioritások mentén költi el a magyar állam. Ekkora összeghez jut ugyanis Magyarország az Európai Unió 2021-2027 közötti költségvetéséből és a koronavírus-járványhoz kapcsolódó helyreállítási csomagból összesen. A források felhasználásának kötelező eleme az érintett társadalmi csoportok bevonása.


German emission trading scheme: energy tax and climate money would be better

In the European Green Deal, the European Commission raised the possibility of including road transport in the European Emissions Trading Scheme. The suggestion has provoked serious criticism from environmental organizations. However, the system will be introduced in Germany from 2021. Bernadett Szabó, an economist and volunteer of the Clean Air Action Group, expressed her professional opinion on this topic. The German government introduced a...More

There are still no barriers to the import of junk cars

Western European countries are providing public money to encourage their citizens to replace their cars as a means of recovering from the economic downturn following the epidemic. The obsolate cars then continue their campaign unhindered against the health of the Hungarian people and to increase the carbon dioxide emissions of transport in Hungary. The Clean Air Action Group therefore repeatedly asked the Minister of Innovation and Technology,...More

The Clean Air Action Group turns to the Supreme Court because of the air quality plan in Budapest

The Clean Air Action Group filed a lawsuit in court in 2018 because the Green Authority's air quality plan for Budapest and its surroundings, in its current form, is not suitable for a substantial reduction of air pollution. In its judgment, the Metropolitan Court interpreted that such plans could not be effectively challenged in court, so the NGO turned to the Supreme Court for review.More

Brutal amounts of toxic, carcinogenic substances get into our bodies when we burn waste

Huge amounts of harmful substances that endanger our health are released into the air during the illegal incineration of household waste at home. This was stated in a study published in the scientific journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, which describes the research results of the University of Pannonia at the head of an international consortium.More

Green recovery after the crisis!

The Clean Air Action Group made recommendations upon the request of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) to support the MNB's Green Program aiming to contribute to the environmentally sustainable recovery from the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.More

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